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Train with Jessie Rossolato

A personalised coaching experince for busy women who want to feel confident, strong and sexy!


- You've tried many diets without success, either because was unsustanable, you were overwhelmed with your busy schedule, or you couldn't find the right structure

- You keep finding yourslef trying fad diets or yo-yo diets

- You feel like you are tryign to loose weight but nothing is working long term

Don't leave it any longer, you deserve to feel confident

My mission is to coach busy women who’ve exhausted their options, relapsed cycles and suffered from low confidence become happier, healthier versions of themselves.

Through education, accountability and tailored programming; This is how my clients have transformed their bodies and lifestyles!


I've made it easy for you 


What to expect from the program:

- Individualise aproach

- Nutritional guidanse 

- Exercise program 

- Online platform

- Strategy calls

- Educational videos

- Motivating community

About me

I've been working in the fitness indrustry for the last decade and I've helped hundreds of women getting in shape. 

What makes me diferent than any other program is the accountability and support that you will get on a daily basis.



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I know what you are thinking

Too good to be true. However, you can expect to feel results instatly and start seeing fisical changes from week 4 to 6 

Once your call is booked you will recieve an email confirmation with the zoom link that will give you acces to our call

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